Civiv Makers Craft Space

Civic Makers Craft Space was a collaborative project between Goodsted and Peckham Levels. Mediating between Peckham Levels and a group of local design students including myself, I was responsible for organising the sessions. With the help of some mentors, we collaboratively up-cycled an old shipping container to be used by studio members within the site of Peckham Levels as a display and marketing unit. We crowdfunded volunteers who donated their time and skills to teach and supervise the students, across the two week workshops. The workshop highlights the importance of skill sharing and collaborative working.

The Helmet

The helmet took on a development process - using cardboard to mock up designs. Once decided on a design the final version of the helmet was comprised of a bicycle helmet with a laser cut frame to mount an iPhone in front of your face and a GoPro on the back. The outer shell is made up of foam board to keep the weight to a minimal.

©2019 by Hamish Johnston.